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Capital of Norway, Oslo is a city whose history dates back to the year 1000 AD, when it was no more than a village, later developed by the Vikings and soon transformed into an important commercial hub. Even though it misses the charismatic traits that other European capitals offer; its beauty, cleanness and organization should not be underestimated considering that, within a small town atmosphere, surrounded by the Oslofjord, and thus a scenic experience, vibrates a modern and international life. The city is compact, clean, wisely urbanized. The outskirts are water, fjords, hills and forests. The landscape is enchanting and midnight's sun is breathtaking.

Stretched along Karl Johans Gate, the city centre offers a vast array of services, shops, restaurants and cafés, hotels, museums and attractions. No wonder then, that some of the major locations are there. Among them, the Domkirke (Vår Frelsers kirke: Our Saviour's Church) Oslo's cathedral, consecrated in 1697, even though its heavyweight tower is a little bit younger (it was remodeled in 1850). The interiors are elegant, with an original pulpit and an organ front with acanthus-carvings surrounded by ceiling murals, low ceiling nave and stained glass windows, by the artist Emanuel Vigeland. Stortinget, the Norwegian Parliament, is just two minutes away, on Stortingplass. Built in an imposing neo Roman architecture, it is the seat of the National assembly since 1866...Just enter, if you're interested in Norway's political system: guided tours are available. Otherwise, head on Karl Johans Gate, stop by the several shops, enjoy a Norwegian salmon, unwind at Eldsvols Plass and admire the University and the Nationaltheatret just in front of it. As you keep strolling, you will find yourself in front of imposing gardens...That's where Det Kongelige Slott ( the Royal Palace) is. Even though it's a snappy affair, at 1.30 PM the changing of the guard takes place: do not miss the chance to get some pictures...

Several museums awaits you in Oslo. If you like arts, the Munch Museum will be the perfect place to stop by, as well as the Kunstindustrimuseet and the Nasjonalgalleriet. But other museums offers interesting collections, such as the Kon-Tiki Museet or the Frammuseet, in the Bygdøynes area. Either the Fram or the Kon-Tiki have vessels of bygone eras, meanwhile telling the story of the several Norwegian explorers who visited the Poles. Notwithstanding, the mastership of the Vikings' tradition is on display at the Viking Ship Museum (Vikingskipshuset), where the Oseberg, the Gokstad and the Tune Ships are. Considered to be the best preserved Viking vessels in the world, they were...used to serve as transportation mode for the royal owners for their last trip heading to the...Valhalla. It's exactly for that reason that the vessels, hence part of graves, are rich of treasures, such as beds, equipments, textiles and small boats: you never know what you need for the trip to the hereafter...

Akershus - just in front of the Aker Brygge - is a medieval castle, whose construction began back in 1300. It was renovated in the XVII century, and its representation halls are today used by the Government. One of the best known images of Oslo depicts the Rådhusbrygge harbour with the Rådhuset in the background. The Rådhuset isn't only the administrative and political heart of Oslo: on the contrary, it's one of its most glorious buildings, either for its architecture (either outside or inside, with the several galleries that are masterpieces decorated with tapestries, trompe d'oeil, paintings and frescoes); or because - within - every 10th of December the Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony takes place. The Nobel Peace center, with its exhibits, will explain you anything about the prize and the problems related to wars and conflict resolution.

Finally, you cannot say you've been to Oslo, if you did not visit either the Vigelandsparken and Museet (with the impressive collection of sculptures, either in marble and bronze, or plaster and wood by Gustav Vigeland) or Holmenkrollen with a view to the city from its jumping platform and museum dedicated to skis, snowboards and polar history and adventure...Enjoy!

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